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Burn And Levitate

by She Loves Pablo

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FDJ thumbnail
FDJ These Croatian stoners really know how to mix it up. One minute they are all bluesy hard rock the next they are all out stoner metal. They also have a wicked sense of humour as on the track "Friday's Shepherds Pie Day" superb stuff! Favorite track: Burnin' My Soul.
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna Really great soulful vocals are the hi-light of this band for me. He is good. ;-) A little bit of southern style, with some groovy rock n roll vibes. Favorite track: Karma.
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released January 25, 2013

Geenger Records / IDM Music

She Loves Pablo:
Domagoj Šimek - vocals, guitar
Dimitrije Đokić - guitar, keys, percussion, vocals
Hrvoje Jelen - bass
Leonard Klaić - drums

All songs by She Loves Pablo
All lyrics by Domagoj Šimek

Recorded and mixed by Leonard Klaić at our place

Vocals recorded by Mark Mrakovčić at his place
"Gamblin'" recorded and mixed by Marko Kalčić at Pleasantville Studio

Mastered by Gregor Zemljič (Earresistible Mastering)

Design and illustrations by Andrija Ražnatović



all rights reserved


She Loves Pablo Zagreb, Croatia

She Loves Pablo is a 4-piece groove rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.

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Track Name: Karma
Scents are calling me through the loam
To raise the nails and to sing their song
"Shovel makes a hand of a man
And brave we stand for those again"

I've burned my soul not long ago
If i knew how it smelled i would have burned it long before
"Shovel makes a hand of a man
And brave we stand for those again"

I've got it burned, I've burned it away
Hell yeah it hurts, I hurt it away

Mistakes are made and I aim for the truth
The same old creepy song lingers through and through
"Caviar and caribou
Is what they eat and what they do"

My butt is high and my head is low,
Hey - ho the dary-o a hunting we will go
"Caviar and caribou
Is what they eat and what they do"
Track Name: The Hunt
My food is all over, my mind is too
I'm gone

Gone as the hunger, dishes, 'tatoes too
I'm done

Who poured the water 'cause I've lost my mind and I'm dying
"In poison we trust and that one we couldn't share my love"
Goddamn i'll hunt you down

I know all the passwords to mister Big
(wrong turn)
I thought heaven's in the sky, why do I dig?
It burns

"Morning, boy, i'm gonna eat your soul if you don't retry"
I opened my eyes and there she was with all her friends and fellas:
"I am the remedy!"

You want it now, you want it bad but you like the breathin'!
Track Name: Miss Deed
Intuition you lack, baby, no one has it all
You can always go south and compensate
Their companion with my canyon and them gravel roads

As a matter of fact I always get it right
Is it south or north, I levitate
For my pleasure I can measure your woods and oceans

Bottles on the road made her scream
Ain't no goddess wild enough to be
My gal misdeed
Oh, yes indeed

If i had a hammer I'd hammer in the morning
I would hammer in the evening, to compensate
Lack of bussiness tell me is this gonna drive me mad

Bottles on the road made her scream
Ain't no goddess wise enough to be
My gal misdeed
Oh, yes indeed

Come, don't hesitate, burn and levitate
Track Name: Friday's Shepherd's Pie Day
Oh, Friday's shepherd's pie day
And I need the food
'cause I'm bonded to this avenue
That leads to you

I know you need a reason
In season time
Brave men made brave companions
My, my, my

Oh, no it's not so easy
It never was
Especially since the red moon rises
All night long

I hear the canine voices
Burn in the woods
And I swear they growl my name lord
And yours too

I'll dig a hole
I'll cut a tree
I'll eat my bones
And my canine teeth

Never lay clean
'cause if you lay
It hasn't been
Much of a day
Track Name: Gamblin'
As sure as Nile's growing and gathering
As fast as a mile done with those angel wings
As blue as Lightnin' moanin' 'bout catfish
As sure as fire screaming for jubilee

How come you're always with the others
Making my brain go bad

As sick as Skip when words came among the poor
You may get better, but never get well no more"
As blue as Lightnin' moanin' 'bout catfish
As sure as fire screaming for jubilee
Track Name: Fistfool
Once we came across this city
Girls went wild and went all pretty
I couldn't stop yelling into the loam
Ugly goes clean to the bone

Fool's the one you're gonna fool
Either way i'm coming through
Track Name: Burnin' My Soul
Al-Farabi wrote the book about my hobby
And he kept me sedated for a thousand years and more
Now it's time for me to record it all for free
But I think I'm gonna disappoint you all
Yeah I love the blues, early morning bruise
Something's not to lose and something's not to change

And together we will scream and together we will fall
Like the guy on a rodeo
Sit back and watch tomorrow come today like the song on the radio
Where the people dance is where they're all alone
Where the people dance is where I'm

Burnin' My Soul
Track Name: Impassive, Massive And Aggressive
Burning today ain't like bursting tomorrow
Just like hey ain't same as hello
You're welcome to decide is it eye for an eye
Is it prayer for the fire, oh, my my my

Impassive, massive and aggressive
Track Name: Rubber Band
Seven hundred cries inside my head
Buttercups, poison cups laid across my bed
Never been around if a round is what you play
Came across a feeling in a ceiling of a grave
Later I got up and I drank that poison cup
And I'm feelin' okay, yeah I'm feelin' okay

I'm a rubber band
I've got to do it tomorrow
Don't have to do it today