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Death Threats From Future Self

by She Loves Pablo

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison SLP are verging on the Stoner Metal grove on this album. Occasionally producing the urge of “Sandrider” with a “Pantera” vocal growl & a Nirvana Grunge “Blech” menace; SLP have driven these tunes to be stepped up a notch in the anger scale. This is an album your girlfriend won’t like but your mates will slam-dance to. Man I love Croatia tunes. Favorite track: Crumble.
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 thumbnail
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 She Loves Pablo drop a dynamic package in discerning stereos; serving swift-flowing stoner rock, scuzzy Seattleite sonics and muscular metal munitions in any given three minute span. Vocalist Domagoj Šimek is no less potent or verbally cogent, seamlessly adapting his delivery to those changing gears 'n' grooves. Favorite track: Death Threats From Future Self.
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We would like to thank Marko Nemec, Mark Mrakovčić, Hrvoje Baudoin, Vjekoslav Palinić, Luka Balen, our House Of Pablo brothers (Chris, Sho, Mioč and Pavle), Marko Sirovina, Iva Zrnčić, Luka Kerečin, Pitura, Andrija Ražnatović, the Šimek family, Lazarvs (ex Apey & The Pea), Gamesdoglar, Victor Sbrovazzo, Pablo Felipe & Juanita Guzman, Špela Spojzy, Jasmin Pervanić, Kistn Michi, Psycho Toaster, all our fans and supporters, all the nice people we met on the road and all our friends and families for their love and support.

The biggest thank you of all goes to Hrvoje Jelen, our bass player from 2008-2019. Without you we wouldn't be here, we love you.


released January 24, 2020

Domagoj Šimek - vocals, guitars
Dimitrije Đokić - guitars, vocals
Nenad Gajić - bass, vocals
Leonard Klaić - drums

Produced by Leonard Klaić
Recorded by Mark Mrakovčić
Mixed and mastered by Leonard Klaić

Music by She Loves Pablo
Lyrics by Domagoj Šimek
Bass on tracks 1, 4, 7 & 9 by Hrvoje Jelen
Harp on track 8 by Victor Sbrovazzo
Additional vocals on track 10 by Arijan Škapur
Additional keys, synths and programming by Leonard Klaić

Artwork by Marko Sirovina
Layout and prepress by Marko Nemec

Dostava Zvuka / Dirty Old Label


all rights reserved



She Loves Pablo Zagreb, Croatia

She Loves Pablo is a 4-piece groove rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.

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Track Name: Crumble

I wonder how you'll stumble.
marry a higher speed glow.

I wonder how you'll crumble.
into a cavity hole.

so this is how you tremble.
gets me a high end feeling.

I see you start to ramble,
first time an honest kneeling.

ain't it hard to breathe while underwater?
Track Name: Operator

Salem city,
fry me,
in pity.

Get you close to the water,
get you close to the heart,
and it's overrated, when I'm gone.

I don't think about it,
I don't think I will,
'cause its overrated, and I fear
that I'm gone.

You got me breathing, a smooth operator.
You got me breaking my bones all along.

Ray them, you hear me?
lay them,
in pity.

Get a song for the water,
get a song for the fire,
she's well saturated and a liar.
I don't think about it,
I don't think I will,
'cause its overrated, and I fear
Track Name: All Black
All black

it's getting louder minute by minute,
I bet you swear it's mandatory,

You read my face but you don't speak the lingo,
the more I see the more I flourish.

Pick me pick me, hit it gotta hit it,
underage me and say: not sorry

You read my face but you don't speak the lingo,
just shit all over the territory.

all black, I load,

sure looks lovely and it doesn't smell funny at all..
Track Name: You Were Born To Breathe My Mind
You were born to breathe my mind

Who died a viper,
and was then born a worm,
who spread the rumour,
I murdered a butterfly?

King Kong takes room,
your room takes more,
you know what i mean,
filthy and growing in size.

Army of neurons
forced into sleep,
twin hearted body
embodies a lunatic.

Clearly a lab rat,
big fucking deal,
find me a cat
and let us be done with it.

Every asylum
will now bear my name,
heavy enchantment is put on my brain,
pictures go deep but deeper goes wine,
you were born to breathe my mind.

Find me your Moses I'll pay him in roses,
to split me to pieces cause he never misses.
Track Name: When It Stacks It Makes The Summer Black
When it stacks it makes the summer black

Lick it like it's water,
it loosens up the cage,
bubonic on the yellow floor,
bubonic on the yellow.

Who brought the gas tank,
to petty up the slaves,
when it stacks it makes the summer black,
when it stacks it makes the summer black.

Why make it harder?
it opens up the grave
to feel the rain and motherlode,
you better feel the rain and thunder.

Feels like your bedroom,
feels like you aged,
and it didn't turn out very well, it didn't turn out very well.

The wooden wall is keeping my soul.

Break the wood or make me stay,
'cause I have called the cavalry,
and they have called the messenger,
to tell me that the horses said goodbye.

Lick it like it's water, panic on the yellow floor.
Track Name: I

Get him back,
get him back inside,

I want no part of that,
fiddlin' in my mind.

I swear my pocket's got a pocket of its own,
lately I've been compensating pushing all the pieces in a long gone hole.
I'm on a highway.

Write him back,
or write it on the wall:

"I want no part of that"
and bump it on the lore.

I swear my garden's got a garden of its own,
evenly distributed all over te abyss I got one hell of a hole.

I'm on a highway.

I, what I am, but I am, do you?
Season's gone, people talk.
Track Name: No Modest Line Holds Your Belief
No modest line is your belief

You are here and I can tell,
Oh I can tell it by the smell.

I can smell the planets,
I can smell the bloody moon,

choose a friend
and choose it well
'cause your blood and tears
are my lagoon.

Little candle smiles
in the belly of the hive,

when I said "smiles"
I meant burns down the grid.

Like a reminder,
like a loop

No modest line is

your belief that I can smell you in my home.
But I can't recall the face you own.
You believe i can smell you in my home
but I can't recall the face you own.

Got it?
Track Name: Get To You
Get to you

We know what everybody knows,
We know what everybody shows,
We know whatever comes and goes,
We know what everybody knows,

On, and on, and on we'll get to you.

She knows what everybody knows,
She knows what everybody shows,
She knows whatever comes and goes,
She knows what everybody knows,

On, and on, and on she'll get to you.
Track Name: Houdini
Me again, remember?
You're like Houdini,
not a case, not a single file.

I've got a picture of your home,
I've got a torch,
I've got your child.

Or somebody elses,
doesn't really matter,
my hope is on a piledriver heading through the ground
and that used to make you smile.

You deaf?

Me again, I see you found an army
and I wonder how did you pay for it,
cause you'll never make them fit,
in your room at your dining table.
Or somebody elses,
doesn't really matter,
my hope is on a piledriver heading through the ground
and that used to make you smile.

Put it in, I put it in,
put it in your spine, I put it in.

to the bone.
Track Name: Death Threats From Future Self
Death threats from future self

Babel in the bubble, yeah
bible on the table, a prayer
better in the bed, naked,
I know that I will make it.

a stitch can survive in the desert,
now eat some shepherds pie, free,
maybe then again and then again,
the future of the threat will obey me.

even if it's true, that I knew your house will be a home,
heavenly in two, I grew, and rose beyond the floor,

"anyway you want" is not enough for me to plot
a threat and I would bet that one is already on the fly.

anyway you want,
anyway you wont.

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